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Let’s not talk about the number of times I’ve tried to join #blogjune. And I’m avoiding the fact that the next 30 days are jam packed with final NLS8 preparations, Medical Research Week, several birthdays in the family and the usual life type stuff.


I do love reading blogs and have been thinking about joining a 30 day challenge lately so, bingo! There seems to be a little resurgence in library and information folk blogging, perhaps partly due to the Glam Blog Club run by newCardigan, which is great. There are already some familiar faces sharing their first posts for the month and some new ones too. And I do love the enthusiasm that’s flying around, talk of scheduled posts and topics, this is a good way feel connected and part of the GLAMR world.

If you want to join #blogjune, send a tweet with #registerblogjune and the URL of your blog. More details are here.

Don’t have a blog? Nooo problem, super quick to set up, don’t think too hard about it, just have a go. Someone will enjoy reading what you write (that’s what my Mum tells me…).

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