Podcasts I love

Aaahh podcasts, I love them. Here are three podcasts that are on high rotation at my house (actually my car – people interrupt my listening at home!)

The Guilty Feminist

A comedy podcast about feminism with loads of interesting guests and stand-up comedy thrown into the mix.

Recent favourites include “Episode 43: Nice Girls Don’t with Cal Wilson”, Episode 35: The Bechdel Test with Andi Osho” and “Episode 27: Hair Removal with Jordan Raskpoulos”. Genuinely big laughs and plenty of ideas and discussion to ponder.

Made of Human

Sophie Hagen was one of the founders of The Guilty Feminist podcast. Made of Human is a beautiful, gentle podcast. Sophie has a genuinely curious and deeply emotional way of interviewing. Actually it’s not an interview, this is true conversation. I just love her style of discussion and that she is always willing to reveal something of herself. Wonderful, angry, sad, a great podcast.

Recent favourites include: Episode 29: Gina Yashere – I’m not cocky; I’m confident and Episode 32: Jo Brand – I was surprised the heroin addict was unfaithful.

Standard Issue

Standard Issue was an online magazine, now turned into a podcast. Hosted by comedian Sarah Millican, this is one of my favourite podcasts for when a big belly laugh is needed. Women comedians talk discuss masturbation, stationery, not being cool at school and more with a healthy dashing of swearing. So good.

Recent favourites include: Episode 7: Brand, Burke and Millican, Episode 8: Winkleman, Toksvig, Horgan and Millican and Episode 11: Coren-Mitchell, Hynes, Morgan and Millican.

That’s it from me. Tell me, what are your favourite podcasts right now?

4 thoughts on “Podcasts I love”

  1. What a brilliant topic Sally. I’ve added your 3 to my unplaced podcasts list.

    I also love TED Radio Hour by NPR, Dear Sugar and podcasts from the Wheeler Centre (local writing/talk centre in Melbourne).

    1. Thanks Ruth, I’ll add those ones to my ever-expanding list of podcasts. I love So You Want To Be A Writer, the writing process is fascinating!

  2. I’ve just caught on to podcasts in the last year or so. I’ve added Standard Issue to my subscriptions now. and will give the others a go too 🙂

    Some of my current faves include The Adam Buxton Podcast (Sally you might enjoy this one too), How She Creates, The Jealous Curator: Art For Your Ear, and a whole bunch of art / craft / creative business podcasts (too many to mention?).

    1. Thanks Sally, I love Adam Buxton and his podcast is often mentioned in another one I listen to: Distraction Pieces. I love the creative business podcasts, there are SO many. Hope you enjoy Standard Issue 🙂

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