Exhausted, excited and overloaded

It’s week three and I’m simultaneously exhausted, excited and overloaded with information.

Unexpected and delightful library things

  • Small pieces of readers advisory – recommending an Australian themed book to a new arrival to Australia, discussing the merits of iZombie and The Walking Dead.
  • Searching for ALL¬†of “Andy’s treehouse books” with a very enthusiastic young reader.
  • Being invited for a curry after solving some IT issues and having a chat about families.
  • Watching the books that are put through the returns chutes, the most eclectic, random selections, I love it.
  • New books!

Train travel has bonuses

  • Reading time – the variety, writing styles and topics being captured and shared by @AusGLAMBlogs is so wonderful. There are many thoughtful, informative posts, I’ve definitely had my own thoughts and beliefs challenged many times recently.
  • My choice of Netflix shows and uninterrupted viewing. Not the best idea to watch something that makes me giggle in the quiet carriage though. (I’m looking at you Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later).

Challenges (so far)

  • Uncomfortable shoes!
  • New organisational structure, roles and processes. New everything.
  • Not being 20 minutes down the road when one of the children calls from school saying they are sick or have fallen over and hit their head.
  • Learning how to “Librarian”.

So that’s about it. Well there’s probably more. Perhaps I should make use of the commute to do some more writing . . . just need to resist the siren call of reading/watching/listening!



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