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Quote in black and white circle - you can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club by Jack London

Yesterday involved delicious lunch with a friend. She is an artist with a day job and as we talked away I was reminded that even though we work in very different jobs and have different creative endeavours, our struggles are the same.

  • Missing a day of writing isn’t failing. It’s just . . . missing a day.
  • And blog posts don’t have to be shiny, amazingly thought out pieces of writing. This tweet was a timely reminder of that.
  • That action comes first. Sitting and waiting for inspiration to strike just leaves you sitting and waiting. Nothing actually happens. For my friend, she draws and draws and gradually it takes shape. For me, I write, usually in bullet points which teases out what I actually want to say (not what I think people want to hear).

And we also talked about things that are easy for her and not for me and vice versa. When we give each other advice or look for solutions together, there’s a focus on:

  • If you’ve got a big task, break it down into really small doable chunks. No-one said you have to organise all the files on your computer in one sitting. (And make them really small, like “make a new folder and move five files into it”). Then tick off list. Make tea.
  • Remember that not everyone is like you. What is easy and quick for me, is hard and complicated for someone else. So if you’re asked for advice, make it really simple.

Share your useful advice for creating or writing for #blogjune in the comments, I’d love to know what helps other people get stuff done.

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