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I’m a sporadic writer, and occasionally post on Medium, instead of this blog. I’m not sure entirely sure why . . . oh yes I do. At some point this blog became a huge procrastination block so my words had to be put somewhere else if they were ever going to be shared. Anyway, here’s some things I’ve written on Medium.


Information Studies was a perfect match for Sally Turbitt – CSU Insight (December 2019).

Interview: Sally Turbitt & Amy Walduck, co-founders of the Turbitt & Duck Podcast – New Library Professionals Network (February 2019).

GLAMR Professional Profile – Sally Turbitt – ALIA Students and New Graduates (24 September 2018).

Spotlight on Podcasting: Connection, community and stories – Australian Library and Information Association INCITE Magazine (May/June 2018).

Forget About Professional Development (For Now), by Sally Turbitt – Letters to a Young Librarian (11 January 2018).

LIANZA #Open17 – podcast with @turbittnduck (4 October 2017).

DIY Professional Development – INCITE Magazine (July-August 2017)


Help Me Library Search! You’re My Only Hope! – co-presented at Te Puna Aurei LearnFest 21, The University of Waikato, November 2021.

CSU and back again – keynote presentation for the Charles Sturt University School of Information Studies mid-year residential school, July 2019.

Talk! Collaborate! And Listen! workshop – ALIA New Librarians’ Symposium 9, Adelaide, July 2019.

Open sesame! OR how to embrace challenges, cultivate opportunities, be visible, and say no – LIANZA Open 17 Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, September 2017. (Livestream recording).

NLS8’s online workplace of collaboration, connection and creation – Poster presentation at Information Online, February 2017.

Trello? Can you hear me? – Health Libraries Australia Professional Development Day, Sydney, July 2016.

Insider and Outsider – New Librarians Symposium 7, Sydney, July 2015.


Co-host of Turbitt & Duck: The Library Podcast (3 October 2017 to January 2019).

Episode 60 – Oh what I’d do for a ham and chicken roll – Guest Host on Refreshments Provided (17 October 2018).

Episode 50 – Flip the Script Featuring Sally Turbitt – Guest Host on The Library Pros (12 October 2018).

Episode 38A Turbitt N Duck Meet The Library Pros Part 1 & Part 2 (11 April 2018).

cardiCast episode 25 – Sally Turbitt and Amy Walduck (27 January 2018).