There’s a new thing

  Sometimes someone throws out an idea and suddenly loads of people are on board and it's a 'thing'. Exactly that happened the other night, with the end of #blogjune prompting a "let's continue this, but maybe post every week instead of every day?". The hashtag is #glamblogweekly and the aim is to post every... Continue Reading →

The power of doing something

It's the last day of #blogjune and I'm sad to see it end. The month started with a determined flurry of posts, I really created some momentum that was always going to disappear once I left for Canberra and NLS8. However, the response to some of my posts has been fantastic and really made me... Continue Reading →

Time travel

I'm still decompressing from NLS8 and trying to gather my reflections into something more coherent than a long rambling sentence without any punctuation, so Kathryn's writing prompt is just what I needed to do a spot of writing. The questions are: If you could go back and tell your 20 year old self one thing... Continue Reading →

At the pointy end

So NLS8 starts tomorrow and I can't quite believe it, although I'm sure I will when people start arriving for workshops in the morning. Bags have been stuffed, scarves are ready, programs folded, signs printed, post-it notes packed. Our committee has been arriving all week, and Amy and I have tried to balance our days... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Own Information Adventure Part 2

Part 1 is here. Bumps in the road Whilst studying the Bachelor of Information Studies at CSU I experienced some interesting and challenging obstacles which shaped my experience of the degree and also my expectations of the library and information profession. Having zero experience of working in a library was the biggest challenge. Most of... Continue Reading →

Twitter chats for new grads and students

Update: I've added another Twitter chat to the list and will keep adding them as I find them. Have you ever joined a Twitter chat? Not sure what they are or what the point is? (And if you're wondering why Twitter? Read this by Ruth). To the uninitiated, Twitter chats use a dedicated hashtag, usually have... Continue Reading →

Three tech tools for online meetings

If you're not already aware (we do talk about it a lot!) the NLS8 team utilises many online tools to organise NLS8 (10 days to go!) and meetings are held in Google Hangout. Our first online meeting was a very long chat in Skype (no video, just typing!) which was fun but pretty cumbersome if... Continue Reading →

Different but the same

Yesterday involved delicious lunch with a friend. She is an artist with a day job and as we talked away I was reminded that even though we work in very different jobs and have different creative endeavours, our struggles are the same. Missing a day of writing isn't failing. It's just . . . missing... Continue Reading →

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