What I don’t want you to know about me

What started as an email to myself about the importance of being honest and talking about the beliefs I hold about myself turned into this post. Which then became several days of reading and contemplating imposter syndrome, comparison and everybody. What I don't want you to know about me (not an exhaustive list) I'm not... Continue Reading →

Stressed? I haven’t got time!

Time management and stress management was the theme of the first #auslibchat for 2018 and if you're looking for a Twitter chat full of suggestions, puns, GIFs and support, jump over there immediately and bookmark/Pocket/Pinterest/print all the things. Seriously, if you need one reason to join Twitter, do it for this monthly chat. Instead of... Continue Reading →

Hello 2018.

Edna Mode's words are guiding me in 2018.   (I wrote a post for Letters to a Young Librarian you might like to read. Tell me what you think. I'll be over here working on my superhero costume. No capes!)      

There’s no denying it

... I love podcasts.  There are so many podcast episodes on my phone that I either need an extra two hours in the day, or to get up earlier for more listening time. Here's hoping someone can arrange those extra two hours... Pocketcast (podcast app of choice) is full of personal development, comedy and people... Continue Reading →

Dear You

Dear You (and me), Never ever apologise for who you are. OWN IT. Love, Sally P.S. Read this. Listen to this. Dance to this or this.

Exhausted, excited and overloaded

It's week three and I'm simultaneously exhausted, excited and overloaded with information. Unexpected and delightful library things Small pieces of readers advisory - recommending an Australian themed book to a new arrival to Australia, discussing the merits of iZombie and The Walking Dead. Searching for ALL of "Andy's treehouse books" with a very enthusiastic young reader.... Continue Reading →

Fear and choosing a new adventure

I didn't expect to be writing another chapter to this story quite so soon, but here we are. The end of June found me reading an email detailing the (early) end of my contract. Yes it was a shock, no it wasn't anything personal, just a decision. I have been AWOL from blogging since then... Continue Reading →

5 job search resources

Job searching, resumes and selection criteria have been at the top of my list in the last couple of weeks (change sometimes happens when we are least expecting it!) so here are five resources that have been super useful. Tell your stories If you're currently volunteering or working, make sure your resume is up to... Continue Reading →

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